Is the TN Visa For Mexicans and Canadians Right for You?

The American immigration process can be an exciting yet overwhelming journey. With the proper guidance and support, some individuals may achieve their dream of becoming U.S. citizens through naturalization. But for others, the journey may not be as smooth, and they may find themselves facing removal proceedings. The need for U.S. visas can also arise for various reasons, from studying or working to visiting loved ones. Allow us to be your trusty guide throughout this process, and together we can help you reach your immigration goals.

~ Luis F. Hess, Immigration Attorney

Are You A Candidate For The TN Visa For Mexicans and Canadians?

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) created specific trade visas for immigrants between the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Canadians who wish to live in the United States for business reasons must pursue a TN visa. If you are a qualified Canadian professional wishing to pursue a TN-1, it’s advised you contact an experienced attorney to find out how you can apply for a US visa for Canadians in Texas. The United States immigration process can be extremely confusing. You will be required to collect important documents and navigate the complex TN application. However, it may be beneficial for you to obtain a TN-1 for business. You will not be required to renew your visa until three years and may be able to gain TN-1 status at the border. Click here to learn more.

Are You A Candidate For The Extraordinary Ability Visa?

The O-1 Visa application starts with a Form I-129, Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker, that is sent to the United States Citizen and Immigration Services. The form should typically be submitted within a year of when it is needed but at least 45 days before your entry into the United States. If you’re applying for O1 visas in The Woodlands, you need an experienced Texas immigration attorney to help you make sure all fo the procedural rules are strictly followed. If you make a mistake or have inadequate grounds to qualify for the O-1 Visa, then you might receive a request for evidence (RFE) or a denial.

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