E-2 Treaty Investor Visa

The Treaty Investor Visa enables those from treaty nations to come to the U.S. to invest and manage a U.S. business. While the opportunities can be tremendous, applying for an E-2 visa can be complicated.

A knowledgeable E-2 visa lawyer from Luis F. Hess, PLLC, can assess your visa options and help you apply for an E-2 visa or another visa that fits your needs and goals. Our team diligently advocates for clients who want to move to and remain in the U.S., and we can investigate and pursue all available options. To get started, call (281) 984-5294 or contact us online.

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The American immigration process can be very overwhelming. While some eventually succeed with a naturalization application, others find themselves in removal proceedings. The key to success lies in obtaining the right visa.

In general, applying for a nonimmigrant visa is simpler than applying for a permanent visa that gives you a green card. However, the process can still be competitive and complex, and mistakes can lead to delays or denials. This is why it is important to work with an experienced attorney who can ensure that each step is completed to your maximum advantage.

The nonimmigrant E-2 Treaty Investor Visa is highly sought-after because it can be renewed multiple times, potentially allowing an investor and family to live in the U.S. on a long-term basis. Investors from approximately 80 countries are eligible to apply for this visa. To find out whether your country is on the list, just give us a call at (281) 984-5294.

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A Quick Overview of U.S. Visas

There are several types of nonimmigrant and immigrant visas.

Immigrant Visas

If you hold an immigrant visa, you can travel to and reside in the United States permanently. This visa must be obtained before traveling to the country and is part of the immigration process of getting a green card. When you have an immigration visa, you are eligible to receive a green card identifying you as a lawful permanent resident. Visas are acquired before travel, while green cards are obtained after arrival.

Nonimmigrant Visas

Those who hold a temporary, nonimmigrant visa, by contrast, are admitted to the United States for a specific purpose, such as education, work, or business. These visas are only valid for a set period, with a clear departure date. Since these temporary documents do not provide lawful permanent residence, the holder is not eligible for a green card.

Visas and Investments

In the spirit of commerce, investment, and trade, business owners and investors can file an immigration petition to be able to do business or be employed in the United States, but the number of permanent visas available each year is very limited. Most foreign nationals who wish to work, trade, or invest in the country apply for a nonimmigrant visa.

Nonimmigrant visas such as E-2 are generally not useful for immigrating, obtaining permanent residency, or applying for citizenship. However, while they are valid only for a period of up to two years, it is possible to apply for extensions. A knowledgeable immigration attorney can assist with applying for extensions and an initial investment visa.

Looking into the E Visa Category

The E visa category allows foreign nationals to be admitted to the country to participate in international trade and pursue employment opportunities. Many E category visas are issued in limited numbers, so it is important to ensure that your application and supporting documents are as strong as possible.

Before applying, it is best to seek legal assistance from a law office specializing in legal matters involving USCIS forms, E-2 visa applications, port of entry and waivers, and administrative processing concerns.

US Immigration Laws and Legal Assistance

U.S. immigration policy has a very extensive scope. The immigration process covers citizenship as well as applications for permanent residence and applications for temporary nonimmigrant visas.

In a way, business immigration laws help facilitate globalization. Foreign nationals can stay and work in the country, even if for a limited period. If you are an investor from a treaty country, then applying for an E-2 visa could be your best option.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that there are several immigration rules and policies that must be followed when applying for an E-2 visa. If you’d like to know more about how you can live in the United States through owning and running a qualifying business or enterprise, call or send us a message at Luis F. Hess, PLLC.

Facing immigration concerns?

Whether you want to come to the U.S., get a U.S. visa, bring your family, get employed, or legally stay in the country, our immigration attorneys are available to help anywhere in the country.

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Basics of the Treaty Investor Visa

An E-2 visa can give foreign investors a chance to live and invest in the United States. While the nonimmigrant visa is limited to a two-year period, it can be extended. In addition, the visa allows you to bring your spouse and children below the age of 21.

Due to continuing globalization, the United States recognizes special treaty investor status for nationals of specific countries. When dealing with E-1 treaty trader or E-2 treaty investor immigration concerns, it is important to work with an attorney who understands both immigration law and U.S. employment law.

Luis F. Hess and his team represent clients from all throughout the U.S. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

Advantages of the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa

For some people, the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa is an ideal alternative to the EB-5 Investor Visa. In general, it has less rigorous qualifications and lower investment requirements. An EB-5 currently requires $800,000 to over $1 million as a minimum investment, while there is no set minimum investment for an E-2 visa.

Some of the other advantages that come with Treaty Investor Visas include:

  • Investment expectations are usually less than $100,000
  • There is an option to purchase a business or a business franchise
  • There is no annual quota limit
  • Processing times are usually short
  • Renewals are essentially unlimited
  • The visa can provide potential tax benefits over permanent residents

In particular, the E-2 visa can be beneficial for the visa holder and their family in the following ways:

  • The investor can travel freely to and from the United States.
  • The investor’s spouse and unmarried children below 21 years of age may obtain visas
  • The investor’s spouse could work in the United States
  • The investor may eventually be able to obtain lawful permanent resident status in the United States

If you have any questions, the team at Luis F. Hess, PLLC, is happy to discuss your opportunities. You can reach us by calling (281) 984-5294 or sending us a message.

Qualifying for the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa

To qualify for an E-2 visa, you must have invested or be prepared to invest a substantial amount of money in a United States enterprise. In general, an investment will qualify you for E-2 status if it is deemed substantial and the enterprise is not marginal.

You must also be looking to be admitted to the country primarily to develop and direct the investment of the company. To demonstrate this, you should own at least 50% of the enterprise or hold a managerial or other position that gives you operational control over the enterprise.

A crucial part of your application is a business plan that will be reviewed by immigration authorities. The quality of the business submission will largely influence the evaluation of the E-2 visa application, so it is wise to work with an experienced attorney while developing your plan.

Minimizing the Risk of a Visa Denial

The nature of businesses and immigration policies are both highly complex. Strategic planning helps you properly navigate the various components of the admission process. This includes consular matters, ports of entry, and status upon admission.

When applying for U.S. visas, the process involved can be overwhelming. U.S. immigration laws also tend to be very strict. It is a good idea to work with an attorney who is well-versed in immigration requirements and can assist with immigration documentation that must be submitted to the USCIS.

Legal advice can prevent you from unintentionally violating any immigration rules. An experienced E-2 visa attorney from Luis F. Hess, PLLC, can help you succeed every step of the way.

Visa Petitions and the Need for Legal Assistance

While many people understand why they need an attorney for their immigration case, others have the impression that lawyer fees are an unnecessary expense. After all, USCIS fees and expenses for biometrics, consular processing, or adjustment of status are already significant. Some people mistakenly think that immigration cases are not that difficult to handle.

However, seemingly simple mistakes could lead to a denial of your E-2 visa application. Seeking legal assistance can help you reduce the risk of getting your visa petition denied or even getting deported. Call (281) 984-5294 to schedule a consultation and learn more about the ways an experienced attorney can streamline the process.

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In order to avoid immigration problems, it is important to know the different types of visas applicable to you. This could depend on your nationality, purpose, and intended length of stay.

While certain work visas are well-suited to a certain purpose, no visa is universally applicable to every situation. There are business visas available for individuals depending on the nature of their work, their level of skills, and their country of nationality. Choosing the wrong visa can lead to denials and the potential for removal to your home country.

The Treaty Investor Visa enables foreign entrepreneurs from treaty nations to carry out investment and trade activities in the United States. While there are no numerical limitations on E-2 admissions, they should not be taken lightly. Call or send us a message at Luis F. Hess, PLLC to find out how we can help.

Reliable Legal Help from a Dedicated and Knowledgeable Immigration Attorney

The opportunity to enter and work in the United States can be promising, but it is important to make sure that you do not commit crucial mistakes. For a foreign national to be able to pass through a port of entry in the United States, he or she must first apply for and obtain an immigrant visa or a nonimmigrant visa such as the E-2 category.

If you have any legal questions related to the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa category, other visas, consular processing, adjustment of status, conditional green cards, or removal of conditions, give our law firm a call. Our experienced team can explain the different visa options in more detail and help you take advantage of your best opportunities.