What are the reasons for green card denials?

Green Card Process

When it comes to getting a green card, it is vital to understand the process. Part of the understanding the process includes knowing the top reasons green cards are denied. Knowing why a green card could be denied now can prevent rejection in the future. Not knowing the process can make getting a green card much more difficult and time-consuming.

However, a proper understanding of the process will make getting a green card as simple as possible. Knowing how the process works will enable those applying for a green card to make sure everything is in order before they start the process. This article is going to discuss the most common reasons green cards are denied.

Health Reasons

A green card could be denied for health reasons. If an individual has a transmittable disease that is deemed a threat to the public, they will be denied a green card. The government does not want anyone to enter the country if they are a threat to the public. Therefore, it is important for anyone who intends to apply for a green card to get a health screening before they do so.

Getting a health screen before they apply will ensure they are in free of transmittable diseases. If they are not in good health, they can seek treatment before applying. Seeking treatment before applying will allow the process of obtaining a green card go as smoothly as possible.

Criminal Record

If one has a criminal record, their green card could be denied. Therefore, if one plans to get a green card, they need to avoid legal trouble at all costs. From the perspective of the government, allowing individuals with a history of criminal behavior to enter the country will be a threat to the public.

In order to avoid this risk, all green card applicants will be asked about their criminal history. This questioning will be done along with a background check. Some crimes are more likely to result in a denial than others. Crimes such as prostitution, drug trafficking, and fraud are explicitly forbidden.

Security Threat

All green card applicants are subject to an extensive investigation. The investigation will determine, among other things, if the green card applicant is a threat to homeland security. This threat is determined based on how likely it is for the individual in question to commit acts of terrorism or other serious crimes.

If an applicant is determined to be a threat, their application will be denied. Therefore, anyone who intends to apply for a green card must use caution to avoid any actives that could mark them as suspicious. Once an individual is deemed to be a threat, there is no chance of them receiving a green card.

Final Thoughts

All in all, knowing the possible reasons for a green card denial will better arm an individual to have their green card application approved. They will be able to avoid behaviors that will disqualify them. They will also have the opportunity to treat any possible health conditions before applying.

Receiving a green card is a long, complicated process. Therefore, knowing as much as possible before applying will give one the best possible chance of being approved.