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Son of Immigrants turned Immigration Lawyer

I want to personally thank you for reaching out to our team to talk about your immigration needs. We are incredibly grateful that you have decided to take the first step-forward and have decided to consider our firm to help you plan the rest of your life and legacy. Let me tell you about myself, and why I started Immigration Law. I think it is important for you to know why I am not just another immigration attorney and why we are not just another immigration law firm.

Success, however you define it, is not the result of a random series of eventsthis is what I have learned in life. It begins with a dream, a goal, or an ambition and it ends with self-guided results. More importantly, the bridge that connects a person’s wants or desires to the final result is linked by grit, determination, or perseverance. It is these internal characteristics that I most admire in people and why I choose to work with these types of clients on a daily basis.

I am the son of immigrants and one of the first to be born in the United States. English was not my first language. While I had many advantages to growing up in America vis-a-vis a loving family, I was not born into a family with wealth nor political connections that gave me a leg-up in starting a business from scratch. 

I thoroughly enjoy working with other individuals who want to become an American, start a company, or grow a business. Why? Because all of these actions require trusting in oneself and knowing that their goal can only be achieved through perseverance and internal grit. As the managing partner of the firm, I am a seasoned attorney with past experiences working in the US Air Force JAG Corps, in-house counsel at Sisters of Mercy Health System, the USDA legal department, and other private law firms. Before and after completing my law degree, I served as a college instructor and adjunct professor. My practice is focused on helping clients achieve their goals related to immigration law, real property, and civil and business law.

It is our pleasure to have you as part of our family at Luis Hess Law, we look forward to your appointment assistance and to help guide you and your loved ones find the best option and solution to your legal needs.

Thank you!

Best Regards,


Luis F. Hess PLLC

Luis F. Hess, PLLC is focused on family-based, marriage-based, and employment-based immigration cases. Whether you’re applying as an individual, a family, or a business, we’re committed to providing passionate representation to make your dream of living and working in the US a reality! With almost a decade of being in the immigration industry, we use an all-inclusive approach in solving your immigration issues and streamline the process to make sure you get honest and effective legal counsel at affordable prices.

Our Mission

We are a law firm of immigrants who help clients immigrate legally. 

Our Core Values

We value hard work, honesty, and grit.  For those who want to work to become US visa holders, permanent residences, or naturalized citizens, you have to have all three internal qualities to be successful in reaching your individual goal.  

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The Truth for Immigrants Under Trump

With a lot of changes made under the Trump administration, the immigration process has become more confusing for immigrants in the US. Experienced immigration attorney Luis Hess has written this book to provide answers to questions about immigration proceedings and explain how these changes affect your immigration journey.

Thank You Client

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You will meet with our experienced immigration attorney.

During the consultation, you’ll meet with our experienced immigration attorney. We’ll listen to your immigration issues in detail and discuss ways to resolve them and get the outcome you want.

You will receive valuable guidance to help win your case!

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Things to Consider Before and After Your Appointment

  • Why does your, your family member, or friend’s current immigration status matter to you?
  • Does the current immigration status affect how you (or they) spend their working hours or free time?
  • Does the current immigration status affect how much income you (or they) can make?
  • Does the current immigration status affect their role in their community, their family, or themselves?
  • What is likely to happen if you don’t make any changes now?
  • What legal strategies have you tried in the past but has not worked?
  • How much better would your life, or the lives of others, get better if you can obtain your ideal immigration status?

Client Reviews

Sonia Trevino
Sonia Trevino Read More

Luis is an outstanding attorney in more ways than one!! His expertise in the immigration field is an added value to our community. I am so grateful that he has been a crucial part in assisting me with my KEY employee obtaining his permanent status here in the United States. He has made the process smooth and has kept us very well informed at all times. I am especially impressed with the responsiveness that he and all his co-workers have demonstrated so far and look forward to seeing this whole process completed so that I can keep you all informed and give you a full update of our experience.Also, as a REALTOR, I work with many international clients, so it is an asset to have someone to refer them to for all their needs as well.

Carrie Schultz
Carrie Schultz Read More

Luis and his team are a top notch, dedicated, and attentive law firm. They really care about their clients and are focused on results. I have not hesitated to refer, use, and recommend Luis and his team any day of the week!

Patricio Montemayor
Patricio Montemayor Read More

Luis is very professional I would recommend his legal services all the time.

Raghda Rashed
Raghda Rashed Read More

We highly recommend this firm due to their professionalism, dedication and personalized services. Ms. Saqer worked diligently and tirelessly till we achieved our desired results, no matter the complications that came up along the way.

Fernanda Wild
Fernanda Wild Read More

Luis and his staff have been very helpful and successful at both my work visa applications. Not only I was able to get both visas approved he made sure to work with me with fair payments throughout the process. If you are Texas area you should definitely reach out!

Claire Graff
Claire Graff Read More

Luis and his team helped my dear friend get out of a detention center and begin her asylum processing and are now working to prepare her case. Luis is easy to speak with and always gets back to us quickly and he and his team, including Rosario, are clearly hard working and caring people!

Silky Granados
Silky Granados Read More

I called this office to become better informed as to new immigration laws pertaining to Asylum, for my house-keeper. Upon calling, i was immediately prompted to schedule an appt. by the helpful lady who answered my call. She scheduled me for the next day, no waiting. When I arrived, I was well greeted, tended to, and readily placed in the Conference Room, where i was offered water, chocolate and coffee. The attorney came in promptly, and explained in Spanish for my house-keeper to understand, as well as in English for myself, the Asylum laws, procedures and process. Our questions were answred and guidance provided. I recommend this firm for a positive and straight forward experience.

Rosario Casanova
Rosario Casanova Read More

I had the pleasure of working with Luis Hess and his team, he is very knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions during and after our consultation and he speaks spanish which is a plus. His team is very professional and is always willing to assist you with anything that is needed. I would definitely recommend Luis Hess Law Office, as they would definitely take good care of you.

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