Real State Law

Real Estate Contract and Lease Negotiations: There is no such thing of a standard real estate contract. Every contract needs to be based on your terms and specific requirements. A basic checklist should include (a) determining your needs, (b) surveying the market of available locations, (c) the finances involved in the deal, start date, tenant improvement, rent deposits, etc., and (d) closing the deal. The best way to negotiate a contract is hiring an experienced real estate attorney before entering any transaction.

Commercial Real Estate: We represent private investors and owners looking for commercial real estate investments. Our services include consulting, drafting and reviewing purchase and sale agreements, leasing, title review, closings, compliance and due diligence, land use, commercial property foreclosures, and etc. We work with you in understanding the dynamics of the real estate project and in resolving the issues that arise from the transaction.

Community Association Representation: Associations should function as a business entity making decisions regarding community and finance projects. Having a law firm act as your outside counsel may provide insight into resolving the business association’s questions regarding projects. Moreover, when facing a dispute, an attorney can act in the best interest of the association by exploring alternative dispute resolutions not involving litigation. Last but not least, a qualified attorney can take appropriate action in collecting delinquent home ownership or association fees.

Residential and Commercial Closings: While a real estate attorney is not required for closing, an experienced attorney can ensure that everything is correct by the time the transaction closes. For commercial loans, the closing will likely include operating statements (for a minimum of the past three years), certified lease copies, a certified rent roll, ALTA lender’s title insurance policy, copies of encumbrances that will remain after closing, a current plat of survey, an environmental site evaluation report, and a site improvements inspection report.