Immigration Law

Business Immigration: Our firm represents both international companies and individuals. Depending on the needs of the business, we can obtain temporary or permanent immigration (“Green Card”) status for the corporation’s professional, executive, and managerial employees. This also includes preparing applications for multinational employees, advanced degree holders, and persons of extraordinary ability.

Consular Practice: Our firm prepares temporary and permanent visa applications for company employees and individuals applying for a visa or permanent residency status at the US Embassies and Consulates. This includes preparing nonimmigrant and immigrant waivers for individuals having issues with entering or reentering the United States.

Family-Based Immigration: We work with families who are adjusting their status based on their immediate relationship to an American citizen or a US Permanent Residents. Immediate relatives include parents, spouses, children, and brothers and sisters. We assist applicants in obtaining the appropriate status, including waivers, employment authorization, and travel permission (if applicable). We can also remove conditional residency restrictions for foreign nationals married to an American for less than two years.

EB-5 Investor Visa: Investors can qualify for permanent residency by investing either $500,000 into a USCIS-approved Regional Center or $1,000,000 in a project unaffiliated with a Regional Center. Contact us directly for information as to how the EB-5 process works. You can download our FAQ on this visa by clicking here.

Labor Certification: For some permanent resident applicants, the company or individual will have to apply for the Department of Labor’s Certification Program (“PERM”). This requires the employer to demonstrate that there are insufficient workers in the US to fill a position found within the US. To complete this task, the employer must prove (a) what the minimum requirements are for this position, (b) obtaining a prevailing wage from the Department of Labor stating what the minimum salary must be for this position, (c) the employer must actively recruit potential US citizens for this position, (d) review the applicants who applied for this position, and (e) if there are no qualified US workers, complete the application process with the DOL.

Naturalization: For qualified applicants, an individual must pass an English and Civics test, pass the naturalization test, and answer questions about the application and individual’s background. Our firm can assemble your application, prepare you for your interview, and attend your naturalization interview with you.