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Great experience. Professional and very officiant. I would highly recommend Mr.Hess to anyone who needs legal advice and needs to get stuff done.

Beginnings – the Know Nothings

We’re frequently asked if all the furor around immigration over the last few years caught us by surprise. The answer, unfortunately, is no. Opposition to immigrants and legal immigration cycle through American history on an almost regular basis.  The United States has always been that country that welcomed immigrants on one hand while pushing them […]

Legal Immigration in the Time of COVID-19

There is so much news every hour on every hour of every day of the Coronavirus shutdowns and social distancing that’s it’s understandably hard to keep track of everything. Immigration news still makes the front pages and the occasional national news story, but it’s almost always about illegal immigration, asylum seekers, political refugees coming attempting […]


He was excellent in applying for my visa. He communicated well throughout the process and provide a professional service with a successful outcome.


I am pleased with the work that Luis and his staff have done for my visa. I want to recognize the professional support they provided to making my visa application a success. I recommend them.


Mr. Luis F. Hess and his staff are fantastic in working with my immigration work, my professional work, and providing advice for my personal life. He does not make you feel like another customer. Instead, he is there when you need it. Thank you for everything!


I strongly recommend Mr. Luis F. Hess with any issues related to immigration. He is extremely knowledgeable of immigration law. He and his staff are detailed oriented, fantastic at communicating with us, and made the process a smooth and pain free process. They are fast in responding to our questions.


Mr. Luis F. Hess and his staff were the key in getting the E-2 visa. He took the time to guide us through the process and ensure it would be done right the first time. He and his staff took a professional and straightforward approach to resolving the legal issues surrounding our case. We recommend […]


This firm helped me get my H-1B visa application approved. I give him five stars for his services.


Mr. Hess has been our outside counsel who has handled several complex legal issues. We have used him many times to ask a question and he has taken the time to provide us solid legal advice. He has always striven to obtain the right positive outcome despite the type of legal issue we are facing. […]