Work Visas for College Graduates

The H1-B visa is available to university graduates who wish to work in the US for a period of up to six years. It is possible to renew the visa for an additional three years, and there may also be the option to obtain a green card through sponsorship by an employer. One of the benefits of the H1-B visa is that it can be extended if the holder leaves the country for work and can also be transferred to a new employer if needed.

It is important to start the application process well before the April 1st deadline, as it can take some time to gather the necessary documents and labor certification. There is a limited number of H1-B visas available each year, with 65,000 reserved for those with a bachelor’s degree and an additional 20,000 for those with a master’s or professional degree.

If you have any questions about the H1-B visa or would like more information, we are here to help.