What are EB-1 and EB-2 Immigrant Visas?

Did you know that there are immigrant visas offered for extraordinary individuals or those who have advanced degrees or exceptional abilities? Read below to learn more.
EB-1 Visa: Multinational Managers
An EB-1 Visa is a first-preference immigration visa granted only to exceptional applicants. The EB-1 Visa allows multinational managers and executives who transfer from a firm outside the U.S. to an affiliated company in the U.S. to become lawful permanent residents with a green card. Click here to learn more.

EB-2 Visa: Advanced Degree or Exceptional Ability
An EB-2 Visa is a second-preference visa offered for individuals with advanced degrees or exceptional abilities. People with advanced degrees or exceptional abilities must provide documentation to prove their capability. Click here to learn more.