I was introduced to Luis Hess through our mutual friend and when I had pending immigration needs from my employer for a long time. He came highly recommended by our mutual friend. After talking to Luis, with his courteous demeanor and knowledge about immigration matters, I requested my company to hire his firm to initiate and complete my permanent residency case.

Although the case is pending at the moment, I was greatly impressed by his and his team’s approach to gather documents via cloud-based services, which was both secure and easy to navigate. He provided very clear information on what he needed and what documentation was required for an employer immigrant petition and finally a permanent residency case for me.

His team is very knowledgeable about the workflow of the immigration application process and provides immediate feedback if anything is missing or clarified. I have had a pleasant experience with him and his team, and because of the timely delivery, my immigrant petition was promptly approved by USCIS. I am very impressed by Luis' handling of the case and would recommend anyone to him who is seeking counsel on immigration matters. Thank you Luis and your entire team for your efforts in working on my case.


I first came to Luis Hess to find a solution after my Student F-1 Visa expired. A friend of mine, David Matos, first referred me, and right away my initial consultation left me with a good first impression. After talking to Luis, he suggested that I apply for a treaty trader visa. He understood my situation, where I was coming from, and what I wanted to continue doing in the future. My whole experience with Luis Hess was excellent, from the customer service to the follow-up afterward with Luis himself.

I was very impressed with the whole process and would not hesitate to refer my international college friends to him, as well. Anyone from graduates with their student visas about to expire, to foreign families and friends with work visas, I’m sure Luis has a solution for them.

Alexis and Valeria Dubourdieu

Luis Hess has been our attorney for business matters and immigration ones. He was great at responding to our phone calls or emails, which we consider a great plus. Being bilingual was very helpful as well. We strongly recommend him. Everything was handled with great professionalism and care.

Paola Beristain

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Luis for your wonderful representation. I became a US citizen TODAY! I was very nervous when we initiated my application but the way you handled my case made me feel protected and confident during my interviews, and made the process feel like a walk in the park. It has been a great day! I am truly grateful and wish you great success.

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