Landlord-Tenant Law: Protecting Tenants At Foreclosure Act

Here are some basic things every tenant should know: Under Title VII, Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009.
  • - During the term of the lease, the tenant has a right to remain in the unit and cannot be evicted, except for actions that constitute good cause.
  • - If the lease ends in less than 90 days, the new owner may not evict the tenant without giving the tenant at a minimum 90 days notice.
  • - At the end of the term of the lease, the new owner may terminate the tenancy if the new owner provides a 90-day notice.
  • - The new owner may terminate the tenancy if the owner will occupy the unit as a primary residence, and has provided the tenant a notice to vacate at least 90 days before the effective date of such notice. This is the only exception to the rule that the tenant may not be evicted during the term of the lease.
  • - These provisions expire on December 31, 2012.
TIP: If you are leasing real estate, your former landlord’s property went into foreclosure, and your new landlord is trying to evict you in spite of this new law, contact me. I may be able to help you keep your home for the life of your lease.

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